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events | 17.02.2012

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Starting form the moorning till the night we can see the new concept of corner bar CHICCO at HAPPY BUSINESS fair in Pordenone , Pavillon 5 to Happy Food restaurant,form the 15th till the 18th February.

Chicco is primarily a meeting place, a philosophy of life, a way of looking at society born from the cooperation between designer and the company Paron Arredamenti, under the new brand InEmotion

thanks to its aerodynamic and direction free shape, incapable of not attracting all eyes onto itself, without any concern about assembly, transport or range because Chicco is handy, lightweight and versatile. is also highly durable and lightweight suitable for indoor or outdoor locations and customizable in color and finishes.

CHICCO is protect by patent.

Starting from 6.30 pm, the design Karim Rashid will play on some good music at the MAIN AREA of the fair, where Chicco will be the protagonist.